Meet Amy

Seeker of deeper connection

My own desire to experience healthier, more loving relationships was supercharged while I was studying to become a Counsellor. 

Learning what it takes to have great relationships was confronting.  I wanted to experience more love and connection; not just with others, but for myself too, but I hadn’t known how.  I secretly thought it was some kind of failing on my part, but it turns out it was simply a lack of the right knowledge and skills.

My education and training gave me the tools to turn things around – and the results have been life changing.  I genuinely love who I am and I’m proud of my ability to create deeply connected relationships.  I want that for everyone.

I founded Think Better with a dream of a more loving world.  When we experience more love and connection, our lives naturally improve and so does our world.  Imagine the ripple effects if we all felt truly loved…

It is my mission to teach seekers of deeper connection the relational skills for secure, healthy, happy relationships – both inner and outer.  Doing your part to create a better world starts with learning how to create better relationships, starting with you and extending out. 

I hope you’ll join me.




Amy is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Relationship Expert and Educator known for her warmth, humour and extensive knowledge of relationship patterns.  In addition to her current therapeutic work, she has worked across many sectors facilitating emotional intelligence and relational skills training for corporate organisations, government and emergency services.

She has taught trainee Counsellors relational and communication skills for the Australian College of Applied Psychology and has taught extensively as a mindfulness teacher.  Following a love of philosophy and meditation, she spent four years studying with senior Buddhist monks and nuns, locally and internationally.  She was one of the first laypeople in Australia to be invited to teach love and compassion practices for one of the largest Buddhist organisations in the world.  

She lives in Melbourne with her husband, Nathan, and their fur baby, Charlie (a feisty West Highland Terrier). When not working, Amy loves hanging with family and friends, yoga, meditation retreats and travelling light in “Boris” the campervan.


Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)

Advanced Clinical Certification – Resource Therapy

Certificate IV – Training and Assessment


Neuro Linguistic Programming Certification