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 Hi there,

I founded Think Better to create a better world.  Now that may sound grandiose to you but it’s more grounded than it seems.  Here’s my thinking: 

Better skills create better relationships.  Better relationships create a better world. 

I’m doing my bit to help things along by teaching seekers of deeper connection better relational skills.  

Having taught, coached and counselled for over a decade, I consistently work through the same three key problems:

1. We yearn to feel a deeper connection to ourselves, but often don’t.

2. We need to feel more connected to each other, in a world that fuels disconnection.

3. Our upbringing and education often fail to give us the skills for better relationships with ourselves, and others.

So I developed the Think Better approach to:

– Address unhealthy relational patterns

– Heal persistent past wounds

– Cultivate inner compassion

– Teach the relational skills for better relationships.

Bingo – better world!  So if you are a seeker of deeper connection, if you yearn for a better relationship (with yourself, or others) – we’ve got the skills you need.

A better world awaits.


More about Amy

Amy is an award winning Psychotherapist, Coach and Educator, known for her warmth, humour and extensive knowledge of relationship patterns. 

Amy’s curiosity about human behaviour led her to wonder why some people were  happier within themselves and had more successful relationships.   She found Buddhist philosophy asked these same questions and went on to study in Melbourne, Singapore and the UK.  She was invited by the National Spiritual Director to teach Buddhism and meditation in 2008 and has retained a love and commitment for mindfulness and meditation practice.   

Seeking the psychological perspective she studied coaching and counselling before building a successful private practice.  Alongside her therapeutic work she has taught trainee counsellors relational skills for the Australian College of Applied Psychology.  Amy was presented with a student selection award for most Inspirational Teacher in 2015.  

 She divides her time between the Dandenong Ranges and Melbourne with her husband, and their wonder dog, Charlie (a feisty West highland Terrier).  When not working, Amy loves yoga, meditation retreats and travelling light in “Boris” the campervan.  


Bachelor of Applied Social Science (Counselling)

Advanced Clinical certification - Resource Therapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) certification

Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Cert IV in Life Coaching

Clinical registration - PACFA (registration 23291)

Further Professional Development

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy

Mindful self compassion

Compassionate communication

better skills = better relationships = better world

Think Better Specialities 

Building authentic self esteem and acceptance

Developing self awareness and compassion

Creating great relationships and relational skill building

Developing effective communication that gets heard

Managing conflict effectively for better outcomes

Identifying needs and creating better boundaries

Deepening connection with self and others

Healing issues arising from childhood

Overcoming limiting emotions and behaviours

Reconnecting you to wisdom, authenticity and integrity

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