Top 25 issues which damage relationships

Relationships are hard.  We come into them with a lifetime of emotional baggage and often unhelpful relational habits and conflict styles.  Sometimes we are unaware of how damaging our patterns may be to relationships or, we know but feel helpless to stop it.  It is a...

Freedom from shame: The three keys

The tell-tale signs of shame According to leading shame researcher, Brene Brown, shame is an “intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging.” Feelings of shame have been around since human beings first...

Hello shame (a personal letter)

As a Psychotherapist it is really important that I do the therapeutic work myself.  I wouldn't want to see a financial adviser who hadn't tried the strategies and made themselves some money.  Equally, I wouldn't expect my clients to come and see me if I didn't...
A profound practice to free yourself from emotional reactivity

A profound practice to free yourself from emotional reactivity

Have you ever had that feeling of emotional reactivity when you go from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds?  We express this reactivity in different ways.  “I was so triggered”, “It just really got to me”,  “They made me so angry”.  It is a feeling of being...

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Better relationships using the power of presence

Better relationships using the power of presence

One of the most effective ways to deepen and strength your relationships is through the power of your presence. I am not talking about simply being there in the physical sense, but actually being present.  Undistracted –  completely in the present.  Your sole purpose in that moment is to be with someone fully – to encourage them to be fully seen and heard.  This is a powerful practice of giving and receiving attention and fuelling better connection.  It is the very foundation of warmth and connection between human beings. 

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Having connected with some of the world’s leading relationship experts, Amy distils all that wisdom into bite sized relationship hacks – for better love, connection, conflict and communication. 


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Top 7 Habits of

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Practical strategies and skills you can apply today to start fresh, deepen your connection and create an envy-worthy relationship.