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Are you seeking more from your life but feeling stuck, overwhelmed or lost?


We all yearn to feel a sense of meaning, belonging, love and acceptance.  We are hardwired for these things and if we are not experiencing them, the body and mind sends us warning signals.  We become tired, disillusioned, frustrated, unwell, lacking in energy and motivation.  Or we have the ability to push through – to go through the motions, but the joy and meaning has leached out of life.  These are all signs we have reached the limit of our support, knowledge and skills and it is time to seek out help and grow.


Growth is not possible without the necessary supports in place.  If we place a potted fern in a dark cupboard it can’t possibly thrive there. The fern needs a combination of water, sunlight and soil.  For humans to thrive we need a combination of support, knowledge and skills.  If change is difficult, we simply don’t have enough of these tools yet.  We are all just doing the best we can with the skills and knowledge that we currently have.  With new skills and knowledge greater possibilities, opportunities and hopes arise. 


Unfortunately, many of us were not taught how to love and look after ourselves in a healthy way – how to identify and honour our needs and maintain healthy boundaries and self care.  In fact often, we were taught just the opposite – fit in, please others, push through, don’t rock the boat.  This lack of connection to our authentic selves, combined with a a deficit of crucial human centred skills impacts our ability to experience better love, compassion, emotional stability, connection, healthy conflict and boundaries.


  Thankfully, that’s where we come in – because quality counselling is more than just talk.  We teach you the skills for better self-awareness, compassion, emotional management and relationship building.  Providing you with the essential knowledge and tools you will utilise long after counselling ends.

What you can expect from our sessions

We take a client centred approach and use Solution Focused Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help you to:

Set realistic, actionable goals

Experience greater clarity and meaning

Recognise and utilise your strengths and resources

Make decisions based on your vision, needs and integrity

Practice the human centred tools and skills to connect, grow and thrive

We help with

noun_Angry Couple_1576023

Relationship disconnection

noun_Couple Fighting_1576020

Relationship conflict

noun_talking on the phone_1576064

Feeling lost, confused, stuck

noun_love proposal_1576035

Difficulty finding love

noun_Friends Walking_1576040

Difficulty maintaining relationships

noun_Quarreling Husband Wife_1576025

Navigating separation and divorce


Issues arising from childhood

noun_Happy Friends Or Brothers_1576008


noun_Hospital Lobby_1576171

Communication issues

noun_Student Boy Running_1576116

Stress and worry

noun_Shopping Man_1576129

Imposter syndrome

noun_Hospital Recovery Room_1576170


noun_Business Tour_1576055

Feeling not good enough


Workplace conflict

noun_surfing internet_1576053

Burnout & work/life balance

noun_talking on the phone_1576064

Finding greater meaning and purpose

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