Couples Counselling

A fresh perspective, skills and knowledge 

Are you feeling stuck, at a crossroads?


Confused about what to try next?


Feeling tired going over the same issues in the same way?


Finding it hard to communicate and be understood?


Struggling to manage conflict effectively?


Wondering how to move forward so you can enjoy each other again?



Better Skills

Having a secure, connected, loving relationship doesn’t happen simply by trying harder. If that was the case you’d probably by really happy already.  For a successful relationship you need the right knowledge and skills to address the inevitable issues that come up in any relationship. 

Unfortunately most of us were not taught the relational skills we need before we dived into dating, living together and marriage. Yet, somehow we expect we should just know what to do if we are with the “right” person.  It’s just not a realistic expectation. Love alone is not enough.  We need help to learn how to effectively navigate communication, conflict and connection.

Whether you are looking to deepen the love you have, seeking to revitalise love that has faded, or wondering whether to move on, we can provide you with the skills,  clarity and confidence to move forward into a better future.


Why Couples Counselling?

Everyone deserves the happiness that comes from secure, healthy, deeply connected relationships

Relationship experts agree, secure, healthy relationships require self-awareness, dedicated attention, and key relational skills.  People in successful relationships actively work on the qualities and skills they need to ensure a loving, connected relationship especially during challenging communication and conflict.  Our couples counselling aims to provide you with those skills.  

Our counselling approach is informed by attachment theory, relational theory and neuroscience, to guide you to create a vision for your relationship and provide you with the crucial relational tools to deepen love, revitalise love or move on from love with dignity.


Amy is a trained Psychotherapist, Relationship Counsellor and qualified Relational Skills Educator.  (That’s Amy in the pic with husband, Nathan.) For over a decade, Amy has helped countless people to find love, revitalise love and move on from love with dignity.  Amy’s passion is to create a better world through helping people to experience more love and connection in their lives.



Counsellor Excellence Award


PACFA Registered Clinical Counsellor (23291)


 Outstanding Student Satisfaction


“We had relationship counselling before which didn’t help at all but Amy is brilliant.”

– Anne

“Amy has been an amazing support getting our 30 year marriage back on track and guiding my husband and I to find each other again.  My family life is so much more fun and there is more calmness and love at home.”

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“Amy’s guidance and mentoring has not only rekindled our relationship, but her skills approach has inspired both my partner and I to live a more enthusiastic and passionate lifestyle.”

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“Thanks Amy.  You saved our relationship.”

Paul and Matt

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are you ready?



$249 per session

Couples therapy session with Amy Islip

Sessions are up to 60 minutes and can be attended face-to-face at our rooms in Southbank or via online platform, zoom.  See contact page for location.

For zoom sessions please ensure the following:

You can be seen clearly on camera

You have a good internet connection

You are in a private space.

Zoom or face to face sessions available.

 Payment is due on the day of your session via credit card or direct bank transfer.



$690 or $130 monthly

Monthly LIVE online masterclasses with Relationship Expert, Amy Islip.

Attend monthly masterclasses over 6 months held live online or access recorded classes at your convenience:

  • Create your compelling relationship vision
  • Understand your attachment style and it’s impact
  • Identify your personality parts and how they work
  • Speak your truth – communicate like a pro
  • Manage conflict to strengthen your relationship
  • Supercharge your connection and intimacy



6 x live online masterclasses (1.5 hrs each)


Attachment Style Quiz

Email reminders and tips

* Monthly payment plan available


    Is the therapy online or face to face?

    Sessions can either online  using zoom or face-to-face at our rooms in Southbank.  (See contact page for location.)


    How do the masterclasses work?

    The training component of the Couples Masterclasses consists of live online classes via zoom.  Only 10 spots per class available.  Courses run regularly and modules are held each month.  (This allows clients to book therapy between sessions.)  If you miss a class you will be sent the recorded session.

    You will need to allow 1.5 hours per module and dates and times will be provided so you can lock it into your calendar (evening and day times available).  Register for a free consult and we will let you know when the next course starts.

    Can we claim on my health insurance?

    Most private health insurance allows you to claim individual counselling but relationship counselling is usually NOT covered.

    Talk with your private health insurer to clarify.

    Can we use a mental health care plan?

    Sessions are not eligible under mental health care plans through your GP.


    Is THIS right for you?

    We want to ensure you get the results you are after so it has to be the right fit.

    Couples Counselling with Think Better is right for you if you are:

    • Seeking to understand yourself and each other more
    • Open to identify and work with difficult emotions
    • Open to identify and work with relationship patterns
    • Keen to learn new relationship skills
    • Willing to do things differently to grow and change
    • Committed to do the work

    It doesn’t matter where you are starting from.  Some clients come to us having never had any counselling or skills development.  Many of our clients have had counselling that hasn’t helped.  They find our approach, which combines counselling, coaching and skills development, to be more helpful and effective.

    The best way to establish whether Couples Counselling with Think Better is a good fit for you is to chat with us.  Then you really get a sense of who we are and how we operate.

    We’d love to talk with you.