How to be more courageous

How to be more courageous

We tend to think of courage as some grand emotion that we need before we can make a start on something…or end something.

But what is more courageous on a far greater scale, is something else. It is the most profound courage of all.  It is the courage borne from being vulnerable.  It is the courage borne from being hurt, but willing to acknowledge the hurt and tender place within ourselves and show it to another.  It is not about blame, making anyone feel guilty or playing the victim.  It is not about using our hurt to manipulate or control another, and it is not going over and over our story to strengthen the hurt.

Rather it is a courage that is quiet and centred, determined and strong.  It is the courage that says, “Ouch.  I have been hurt.  But I will express what I feel and need in a centred way.  I will forgive where I can and I will remain open and hopeful rather than shutdown and protective.”

So breathe into the difficult emotions and hard edges and stay open to love and connection. Stay open to life – even when it hurts.


Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash