No more lockdown Melbourne! 4 tips to make the most of it

No more lockdown!

Melbournians, we are on the way back!  No more five kilometres, no more two hours of exercise, no more four walls, no more isolation.  How do you want to emerge from lockdown?  Responses to our increased freedom are varied.  From worry and trepidation to flat out, calendar filling excitement.

I personally am feeling a bit reserved about returning to more options, responsibilities, and invitations.  While lockdown has been difficult at times, I’ve loved the opportunity to have a slower, more mindful start in the morning and to walk in the forest every day.  I have no desire to head down to the shops, jump back into busy days and a full calendar.  I’m looking forward to seeing friends and family but there are many people to catch up with and where do I start?  How do we make the most out of our emergence from lockdown? Here’s 4 tips to make the most of it:


1. Prioritize what your heart has yearned for during lockdown

We have all had someone or something that we have missed during lockdown.  What have you missed that adds the most meaning and value to your life? Make time to see that person or do that activity in a way that really honours their importance.  Bathe in the good feelings as you would in a warm bath.  Be fully present in the moment, asking your mind to capture memories so you can savour them later.


2. Space out your catch-ups

Sometimes there are many people that are special to us that we would like to catch up with.  Consider spacing out catch-ups over time rather than booking out your calendar.  If you space out catch-ups you have something to look forward to each week rather than burning out.  Even socializing can become a chore if you do too much of it.  Given our recent inactivity, we are likely to become overstimulated and tired more quickly than usual.  So, manage your enthusiasm!


3. Decide which changes you would like to keep

It can be amazingly easy to quickly go back into auto pilot.  Some of us found this back in June when we had the brief respite from the first lockdown.  Many people have experienced changes during lockdown that they could benefit from integrating into their new normal.  Identify which changes have provided you value from this period and consider what you need to modify to incorporate these changes into your everyday life.


4. Offer your gratitude

If you look carefully enough, we have all experienced lessons, support, and inspiration during this difficult time.   Take some time to list these lessons and the people and practices that supported and inspired you before we charge into the future.  Offer yourself gratitude for making it through.  What resources did you have to draw on to do so?  Who do you need to thank?  Gratitude is a mind that increases our appreciation, joy and connection so bask away!


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