Reflections from my road trip to the Red Centre

  • Giving yourself the gift of consecutive weeks away from your regular life and occupation is the ultimate self kindness.
  • You are not your job.
  • A few thousand kilometres in the desert is good for your perspective.
  • Some time in a place that is millions of years old is even better for your perspective.
  • Very little is as urgent as you think.
  • Most things are not as important as you think.
  • People manage just fine without you, no matter how important you think you are.
  • Simplicity allows space for contentment and peace.
  • Having less means less to move around and less to worry about.
  • Copious sunshine is the best vitamin.
  • Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a motorhome set up and then complaining about site fees is a little amusing.
  • Watching a changing landscape leaves TV for dead. Come to think of it, maybe leave the TV off your must-have motorhome accessory list?
  • Avoid seeing destinations as tick boxes. Take a soak in them.
  • Spending time in reverence of nature is a deeply spiritual practice.
  • What white people did to the indigenous people of this land was just breathtakingly wrong. Period.
  • It is a profound act of graciousness to share what is significant and sacred to you with others who don’t always respect or appreciate it.
  • Say sorry early to strengthen humility and compassion in yourself, restore dignity to others and avoid compounding issues.
  • The more removed you are from what is good and true for you, the more unwell you will become.
  • Everywhere you go, you take the quality of your mind with you.
  • Good company is worth more than all the riches you can accumulate.
  • Too much freedom can lead to aimlessness, too little to stagnation.
  • Freedom that respects the environment and the rights of others builds self-efficacy, dignity and interconnectedness.
  • Nature will always find a way. If we don’t figure it out in time, we may kill it off enough so we can’t survive, but nature will adapt after we’re gone. It’s been doing it for millions of years.
  • Before a road trip practice the yoga pose, the tree. This will enable you to dry one foot at a time then thread it into your knickers with ease, elegance and dry confidence.
  • When staying in a caravan park, greeting all and sundry in the morning as you stagger from your camper to the bathroom should be banned.
  • Our time here is so brief. Take time, go forth, explore and soak in the wonder of it all.
  • Road tripping in a 1987 Ford Econovan is the ultimate practice of patience (we still love you Boris).


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