Resource Therapy

freedom from limiting emotions and behaviours
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 Are you stuck with unwanted emotions or behaviours that you are unable to shift?

Resource Therapy can help

We often see ourselves as a distinct whole but personality is composed of different parts, known in Resource Therapy as “resources”.  Each person has their own unique resources that function in different situations.  You may have a “professional” resource, a “romantic” resource, an “assertive” resource, etc.  These resources each have their own specific role and associated level of emotion, intellect and ability.  Resources are neural pathways in the brain that are formed by repetitively returning to a coping mechanism.  Most resources develop early in childhood when the brain is rapidly developing.  Sometimes these resource states are negatively impacted by childhood experiences which cause problematic emotions and behaviours in the person’s current experience.  Resource Therapy addresses the need for healing directly with the part or resource that is displaying the unwanted emotion or behaviour, freeing you up so you feel lighter and more in control.

What you can expect from our Resource Therapy sessions

Resource Therapy is a therapist guided, meditative session that addresses the root cause of repetitive emotional and behavioural patterns.  It is a non-invasive, safe psychotherapeutic method designed for :

Healing from childhood issues

Freedom from limiting behaviours and habits

Living with authenticity

Utilising your your strengths and resources

Living with greater lightness and ease

We Help With

noun_Angry Couple_1576023

Relationship issues

noun_Couple Fighting_1576020

Relationship conflict

noun_talking on the phone_1576064

Difficulty communicating

noun_love proposal_1576035

Difficulty finding love

noun_Friends Walking_1576040

Difficulty maintaining relationships

noun_Quarreling Husband Wife_1576025

Family conflict


Childhood issues

noun_Happy Friends Or Brothers_1576008

Self-esteem issues

noun_Hospital Lobby_1576171


noun_Student Boy Running_1576116

Stress and worry

noun_Shopping Man_1576129


noun_Hospital Recovery Room_1576170


noun_Business Tour_1576055

Workplace issues


Workplace conflict

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