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Imagine being able to remain centred in the face of difficulty and conflict.  Imagine being able to be present for longer periods of time without going over problems from the past or worries about the future.  Imagine a greater ability to experience compassion, love, and acceptance, while not being hooked by negative thinking and strong emotions.  Imagine the possibilities that could open to you.

Everyone has the capacity to experience more helpful states of mind.  It simply takes practice.  Meditation is to the mind what gym is to the body.  It is a practice that enables us to utilise our mental muscle more effectively.  To train our constantly thinking and wandering mind to be more focused and present, more loving and accepting, without layering extensive stories and judgements.


But you can’t just read about meditation – you have to experience it. 


What you can expect from our meditation classes


Our classes are designed for anyone new to meditation or for those who would like to establish a more regular and consistent practice.

Zoom classes run for 45 minutes so you can fit them into your busy life.  You’ll leave each session with greater clarity and relaxation.

Each class will include 2 x 10-15 minute meditations and may include:

Cultivating the observer

Calming breath practice

Developing self compassion

Managing difficult thoughts and emotions

Enhancing gratitude

Developing a home practice

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