Relationship Skills Training

One-Hour Power Sessions

Our interactive one-hour power sessions are designed to give participants practical tools for better self awareness, emotional regulation, connection, communication, conflict management, boundaries and influence.


Developing self awareness (a mindful approach)

  • What is mindfulness and why learn it?
  • Mindfulness as a path to self awareness
  • How mindfulness helps you to better get to know yourself and others
  • A mindfulness practice for better self awareness
  • How to get the most out of mindfulness

Managing difficult emotions (a mindful approach)

  • What is mindfulness and why learn it?
  • How mindfulness helps you recognize, validate and manage difficult emotions.
  • A mindfulness practice for managing difficult emotions
  • Facing the inner critic
  • Cultivating self compassion
  • Learning to self soothe
Better relationships

Building better relationships: Developing connection and rapport

  •  How better connection is good for your health and longevity
  • How to build rapport with others like a pro
  • Developing the three core qualities needed for better connectivity
  • Deepening connection with yourself
  • Deepening connection with others
  • Connecting with greater meaning

Building better relationships: Communication that really gets heard

  • How to listen and be heard
  • The art of assertive communication
  • How to use the language of influence and solution
  • The importance of needs and boundaries
  • Knowing what to say and what NOT to say
  • What to expect when you communicate effectively
  • Navigating common challenges
Drawing a line in the sand.  An old metaphor.

Building better relationships: Setting and maintaining boundaries that work

  • The benefits of setting boundaries
  • Setting boundaries to empower and clarify
  • A step by step guide to set boundaries
  • How to maintain boundaries
  • Common difficulties in setting and maintaining boundaries
Difficult interactions

Building better relationships: Effectively managing conflict

  • Understanding human behaviour in conflict
  • Recognizing conflict patterns and how to break them
  • Managing your responses effectively
  • Setting clear boundaries and expectations
  • Acting with integrity
Woman painting wall.

Building better relationships: Navigating separation and divorce

  • What to expect of separation and divorce
  • Common difficulties in managing separation and divorce
  • Determining control and influence
  • Cultivating a growth mindset
  • Managing your responses and acting with integrity

Half Day Workshops

Our half day workshops (3 hours) enable participants to explore, and practice, how to manage stress and how to cultivate effective self-care for better performance.


Thriving through stress with mindfulness

  • The benefits of mindfulness
  • How stress and eustress function
  • Identifying stress and triggers
  • How mindfulness helps you manage stress
  • Mindfulness practices for stress reduction
  • How to get the most out of mindfulness

Self-care for professionals

  • The importance of self-care
  • How stress and eustress function
  • Identifying and managing your stress triggers
  • Exploring work/life balance
  • Very Best SELF model of self-care
  • Comprehensive personalised wellness plan to take home

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