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Every relationship has its challenges.  Our relationships can be our greatest source of comfort and connection but they can also be our greatest source of conflict and turmoil.  Disagreements and conflict are often hurtful and repetitive while communication can be an ongoing source of frustration – saying the same things but never feeling heard.  The relationship becomes disconnected and we feel frustrated, fearful, misunderstood, lonely or numb.


With better skills and knowledge, our intimate relationships can transform into a space of growth and healing.  A deeper understanding of the needs, vision and challenges of the individuals –  and relationship – provides a roadmap to happier, healthier relationships.  Practicing better skills helps  conflicts to become opportunities for understanding and relationship strengthening.  Better skills also enables communication to be curious, compassionate and engaged – an investment in greater intimacy and connection. 


Unfortunately, many of us were not taught how to love and look after ourselves and each other in a healthy way – how to identify and honour needs, grow love and maintain healthy boundaries.  In fact often, we were taught just the opposite – fit in, please others, push through, don’t rock the boat, avoid conflict.  This lack of knowledge and relational skills impacts our ability to experience better love, compassion, emotional stability, connection, conflict management and boundaries.


  Thankfully, that’s where we come in – because quality coaching is more than just talk.  We teach you the skills for better self-awareness, compassion, emotional management and relationship building.  Providing you with the essential knowledge and tools you will utilise long after your coaching ends.

What you can expect from our sessions

We draw on leading relationship experts and theorists such as Dr John Gottman and Harville Hendrix to provide you with the skills to:

Get clear on your needs and how to communicate and fulfil those needs

Formulate a relationship vision for greater meaning and connection

Recognise, understand and effectively manage your conflict patterns

Communicate for greater understanding, intimacy and connection

Discover, restore and deepen intimacy and passion

We help with

noun_Angry Couple_1576023

Loss of intimacy and connection

noun_love proposal_1576035

Finding healthy love

noun_Couple Fighting_1576020

Unhealthy conflict

noun_Shopping Man_1576129

Isolation and loneliness

noun_Friends Walking_1576040

Difficulty maintaining relationships

noun_love proposal_1576035

Restoring intimacy and passion

noun_Angry Couple_1576023

Repetitive, negative relationship patterns

noun_Student Boy Running_1576116

Balancing work and relationships

noun_surfing internet_1576053

Maintaining self care

noun_Happy Friends Or Brothers_1576008

Building greater connection

noun_Friends Walking_1576040

Creating healthy, happy relationships

noun_Hospital Lobby_1576171

Improving communication

noun_Business Tour_1576055

Juggling competing demands


Navigating toxic relationships

noun_Quarreling Husband Wife_1576025

Navigating separation and divorce

noun_Student Boy Running_1576116

Moving on after seperation

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