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Client love


Rekindled our relationship

“Amy’s guidance and mentoring has not only rekindled our relationship, but her skills approach has inspired both my partner and I to live a more enthusiastic and passionate lifestyle.” – Darren


Life changing

Working with Amy was life changing. When I began working with her I was entering a new relationship, and with her help I was able to navigate situations in a much healthier and happier way. We were able to work through the issues and she provided me with communication tools and a different perspective. Her style with me was to never tell me what to do, but to give me the space to get honest with myself, allowing me to grow.” – Rebecca


Amazing support

“Amy has been an amazing support getting my 30-year-old marriage back on track by guiding my husband and I to find each other again. Her kindness has given me the strength to learn how to be kinder to myself and how I react to others. My family life is so much more fun and there is more calmness and love at home.” – Lisa


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