Conflict essentials: Navigating emotional needs and the role of fear

Conflicts are never solely about clashing opinions; they stem from deeper, unseen emotional currents. Understanding the submerged fears and unmet needs which are at the heart of conflict is essential to resolving these tensions. The Role of Fear and Unmet Needs At the...

Conflict essentials: The 2 things at the heart of all conflict

There are two things which are at the heart of all conflict. These two simple things are universal to all humans and all conflict. But, the simplest things in life are not necessarily the easiest to do something about. To illustrate the point that simple does not...

5 effective ways to manage stress you haven’t tried

1. Breathe like a Navy Seal Navy Seals have a simple technique to manage stress, stay calm and think more clearly. To understand how such a simple process works you must understand the nervous system. As outlined more fully in our blog, Why you feel stressed, your...

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Having connected with some of the world’s leading relationship experts, Amy distils all that wisdom into bite sized relationship hacks – for better love, connection, conflict and communication. 


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red flags

(and their antidotes)

Most of us are familiar with the term “red flags” and everyone has experienced them somewhere in their relationship history. Red flags are issues that signal problems in relationships which, left unaddressed, will eventually lead to relationship breakdown.  Don’t get caught unaware…

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