Individual Counselling

Individual psychotherapy for clarity, healing and change

Are you feeling stuck, seeking change?


Unsure how to move forward?


Struggling with difficult thoughts and feelings you can't logic away?


Feeling heavy, burdened? Exhausted from inner conflict?


Unable to make the change you seek and worrying that it's your fault?


Wondering if there is more to life?



a fresh perspective

Your personality is composed of different parts, known in Resource Therapy as “parts” or “resources”.  Each person has their own set of unique personality parts which function is specific situations.  For example, you may have a “professional” part which takes over at work, a “romantic” part which switches on for intimacy and a “party” part which enjoys having a good time. 

When we are healthy and well the right part comes out at the right time in the right situation.  When a part needs help, we feel out of control and experience unwanted feelings or behaviours we struggle to shift on our own. Resource Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach which enables you to explore and heal the parts of yourself you struggle with. 

Resources Therapy aids with self-awareness and emotional regulation so you can better understand yourself and gain greater control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We help you identify and heal the core of the issue – freeing you up so you feel lighter, healthier and more in control.


Why Resource Therapy?

Everyone deserves to feel healthy, well and whole

Psychodynamic theory recognises that much of our behaviour and emotion is driven by subconscious states.  In Resource Therapy we call these states “resources” which become parts of our personality.  Most resources develop in childhood when the brain is rapidly developing and, while most are helpful, some cause us to struggle. 

When our resource states are negatively impacted by past experiences they can cause problematic emotions and behaviours in the present.  Traditional talk therapy addresses conscious states.  Resource Therapy allows us to work with the conscious and subconscious states which need help.  Getting to the core of the issue and providing healing and a new way forward.  Without this, no amount of talking can help.


Amy is a trained Psychotherapist, Relationship Counsellor,  and Educator with an Advanced Clinical Certification in Resource Therapy.  She has been invited by Resource Therapy International to co-facilitate Clinical Certification for Counsellors and Therapists.  Amy’s passion is to create a better world through helping people to experience more love and connection in their lives.  



Counsellor Excellence Award


PACFA Registered Clinical Counsellor (23291)


 Outstanding Student Satisfaction


“The intense feelings I had have gone.  It doesn’t even feel like a problem anymore!

– Ian

“Amy is my best kept secret, she has been my trusted therapist for years now!  She has the perfect balance of being warm and has an incredibly sharp mind.  She doesn’t just sit passively and listen, her approach is hands on.  She gets to the core of who you are and how you approach your life and then she creates a safe supportive environment to challenge your thinking patterns and help you get unstuck.”

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“Amy is an incredible counsellor – kind, compassionate and a great listener.  Amy always provides me with meaningful advice and support.  This includes support in dealing with my marriage breakdown and my relationship with my children during this process.  Amy has helped me build my confidence and figure out what I want in future relationships.  I feel like she is by my side developing my skills and tools to find the healthy relationship that I want.”


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“Amy provides counselling with warmth, compassion and humour.  She creates a safe place for me to work through the things that I find that hardest and most painful to deal with, and ultimately the most rewarding to work on.  Amy has helped me learn practical mental routines and new ways of thinking.  Through her wise and gentle guidance I am finding a greater sense of ease with myself and others

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are you ready?



$169 per session

Individual online or face-to-face therapy sessions with Amy Islip

Sessions are up to 60 minutes.  All initial sessions are held via online platform, zoom.  You may then transfer to face-to-face by arrangement.  See contact page for location.

For zoom sessions please ensure the following:

You can be seen clearly on camera

You have a good internet connection

You are in a private space.

*Payment is due on the day of your session via credit card or direct bank transfer.




RT personality mapping session and custom report

The RT personality mapping session takes up to 120 minutes and involves mapping the different parts of your personality and their unique roles.

(Zoom or face to face sessions available.)

We then collate the results and send you your personalised report.  The report outlines your unique personality parts, their purpose and how they interact.  (Reports are generated and sent within 5 working days of the mapping session.)

Payment is due on the day of your session via credit card or direct bank transfer.



Is the therapy online or face to face?

All initial sessions are held via zoom.  Sessions can then be arranged via zoom or face to face at our consulting rooms.  (See contact page for location.)


What is the RT personality mapping and report?

RT stands for Resource Therapy.  Resource Therapy is a psychodynamic approach which locates different parts of the personality so we can better understand ourselves and why we do what we do.

The personality assessment takes  up to 2 hours and involves mapping the different parts of your personality and their unique roles.  When we understand the different parts of ourselves we can take more control of our emotions and behaviours.  The resultant report outlines your unique personality parts, their purpose and how they interact.  

You will receive your report within 5 business days of your mapping session.

Can I claim on my health insurance?

You may claim individual counselling on your private health insurance if they accept PACFA Registered Clinical Counsellors.  We currently have provider numbers with Medibank, Bupa and ARHG.

Please talk to your private health insurer to check if you are able to claim on your insurance.


Can I use a mental health care plan?

Sessions are not eligible under mental health care plans through your GP.


Is THIS right for you?

We want to ensure you get the results you are after so it has to be the right fit.

Resource Therapy is right for you if you are:

  • Seeking to understand and accept yourself more
  • Open to identify and work with different parts of your personality
  • Willing to do things differently
  • Prepared to grow and change
  • Committed to do the work

It doesn’t matter where you are starting from.  Some clients come to us having never had any counselling or psychotherapy.  In the past, many of our clients have had counselling that hasn’t helped.  They find our approach, which combines traditional counselling, deeper exploration and skills development, to be more helpful and effective.

The best way to establish whether this is a good fit for you is to chat with us.  Then you really get a sense of who we are and how we operate.

We’d love to talk with you.